Crisis & Disaster Preparedness

At the time of World War 1, after the battle availability of food was the major problem. Then a committee on military research evaluated the problem of under consumption of military rations in the battle field and what are the steps to be taken to overcome those problems.

Different Military rations:

Rations are used to feed the US military troops. XMRE meals are the popular food supplier for military troops.  Rations are the food supplied to the military. The detailed information about military rations is as follows. All these rations are available in XMRE meals menu items.

Iron Ration: This was the first move made to feed the soldiers on the battle field and was introduced in 1907 by US government. It is also called as an emergency ration. It contains preserved meat, hard crackers, vegetables, roasted coffee, sugar and salt with one pound of tin packet weight. It hardly last for 2 days, when there is a shortage of food. Continue Reading