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Proteins are essential for the growth and maintenance of the whole body and are appropriately referred to as the ‘foundation’. This article clarifies the numerous kinds of protein Body Building supplements that are commonly used by heavy exercisers and body builders to develop and preserve their muscles.

Proteins are important nutrients for the body. There are roughly 50 such vital nutrients that our bodies need and which cannot be made by it. These nutrients are divided into six primary classifications including proteins, carbs, water, minerals, vitamins, and fats. All these nutrients are acquired from the food that we eat/drink. Continue Reading

Inversion Tables have long been used to treat back pain and posture, ridiculed by some doctors but viciously defended by others, the only real thing to look at is results, and there are thousands of people for whom Inversion Therapy has been the answer they have been praying for.

Inversion Therapy works by unweighting the joints that would normally support your weight. In eliminating the effect of gravity pressure is taken off of the joints and the spinal discs creating more space between them.

This form of treatment is normally recommended for people suffering from herniated disc problems or a degenerative disc disease.

Inversion therapy is also thought to help promote better circulation as the heart has to work in opposite to the normal direction of gravity. Better blood flow to the brain can also leave people feeling more alert after inversion therapy. Continue Reading