The polygraph is the another used the term lie detector tests instead. To detect the accused person by taking into consideration of victim’s heath conditions like blood pressure, respiration, pulse and condition of the skin while the victim must answer the set of questions. It is the test performed under the correlation of mental thought to physical response. The main purpose is to identify the liars from truth tellers in crime cases especially. Generally, the police investigate the truth from the eye witness and crime made by for producing the accused one in the presence of court of law.

Working of the detector

Many people have heard about the job opportunities in the field of lie detector tests. These kinds of detection tests have carried by detection agencies to confirm the truth. Nearly four to six sensors are used to place on the body of the victim. The sensors used to detect different consideration blood pressure, respiration and pulse count represented in the form graph. The movements of the legs and hands are also considered and recorded by the lie detector.

For instance, the investigator may ask few normal questions to the victim and after that actual investigation starts. During the actual questions answering and normal questions answering results the detector produce the output in the form of graph on the monitor. The abnormal graph in the meanwhile, the difference occurred in the graph for normal to actual questions based on this graph they can detect the liars from the victims.

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